What are the best natural firelighters?

A promising fire begins with those all-important first flames, and a firelighter or two will significantly speed up this process. In no time, you can dust off your hands and enjoy the warming effects of your log burner or stove.

Although this seems like a quick fix, some firelighters release toxic pollutants into the air, which is detrimental to our health and the planet. For this reason, we advocate using natural firelighters.

Read on for our insights, comparisons and recommendations of the best natural wood wool firelighters.

Why choose Log Barn natural firelighters?

As much as we want the flames to burn faster, this shouldn’t come at the cost of your safety.

Natural fire starters are great because they don’t release toxic fumes, which might be carcinogenic and detrimental to your health.

You should especially never use flammable liquids to ignite your fire. Doing so is highly hazardous as it produces intense, uncontrollable flames.

What are the best natural firelighters?

Our Log Barn Natural Firelighters made from twisted wood wool and wax. They even light when damp. 1 will light the fire, but for a quicker fire use 2-3, especially when it is cold outside, as the cold flue will need warming quicker. For Lighting BBQs and wood fired pizza ovens, use 2-3 natural firelighters. This is to get the charcoal or kiln dried logs evenly burning. Use 4-9 pieces of kindling to help any fire get going. 

Natural Materials for Firelighters

If you’re keen on foraging for your fire, here are some natural alternative make-shift firelighters you can find out in the open:

  • Pinecones or small twigs
  • Sticks or bark fibres – Silver Birch is the best 
  • Lichen – if very dry it makes lighting a camp fire very easy

However, these organic materials are often half-dried, decomposing or damp, so they will likely struggle to burn and produce only steam and smoke. So make sure they are bone dry.

Waste Materials for Firelighters

Newspapers were once ideal for reusing as firelighters in open fires. Nowadays, the increase of chemicals and plastic particles makes them hard to burn and messy to clean up. They can also cause smoke into the room if the flue is cold. Remember Firelighters should give a big heat, straight away to warm the flue.

Here are a few suggestions of waste you should NEVER use as firelighters listed below:

  • Toilet roll tubes
  • Egg cartons or torn cardboard boxes
  • Shredded paper (untreated and plastic-free)
  • Wine corks
  • Dry leaves or dry Grass
  • Dried, used teabags (as long as they are plastic free)
  • Raw sheep’s wool or other animal fibres

Natural Firelighters

Packs of natural firelighters are a great alternative to toxic options and are far more convenient than tracking down materials to burn.

Log Barn Natural firelighters, for example, arrive in packs of 40 pieces and can be ordered in large quantities to maintain a comfortable supply. Aside from their availability, they have fewer risks and more successes than the above options.

These firelighters compose of untreated wood wool and wax dipped from renewable wood waste, so they are environmentally friendly and non-toxic to breathe in. They’re also odourless, which is especially suitable for pizza ovens and fire pits as food won’t absorb nasty smells.

However, their natural origins don’t compromise their ability to start a fire. Unlike raw materials you may collect on an outdoor walk, natural firelighters are dried and seasoned so that you can use them straight from the box.

Customers of our natural firelighters have even cut them in half before lighting them as they are so powerful!

As you can see, natural wood firelighters are the perfect way to produce safe and healthy fires as and when you please.

To ensure you always have fuel nearby, purchase natural firelighters or other kindling and accessories via Log Delivery. We deliver seven days a week using our trucks for local deliveries and a trusted distribution network for national orders.

Likewise, if you’re buying for your restaurant chain, campsite or shop, don't hesitate to contact us for a trade price on larger volumes of our natural firelighters.

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