What wood can I burn on a Firepit or Patio Chimenea?
We recommend going to the Top Ups and Kindling Section of the website, here you can build your own small package of Kiln Dried Birch, Olive Wood, not forgetting the Log Barn Natural Firelighters and Kiln Dried Kindling. If you have a recently felled tree, you can burn it but make sure it is well seasoned. Seasoning the wood (making it dry) take between 1-2 years if doing it at home. Keep off the floor and under cover. If you don't have time, that's where we come in. We sell Kiln Dried Hardwood, as it lasts longer and creates less smoke than seasoned wood, due to the lower moisture content.
Why are 28cm length Safety Matches better than lighters or small matches?
Our 28cm length Safety Matches are designed to allow you to hold the match at length and be able to light your fire with the full length of the match being able to get into the fire and light the firelighter, therefore reducing the chance of injury to yourself. The box can be stored away ready for the next time you light your fire. Our 28cm long safety matches are also fantastic for lighting candles when as they are so long they will allow you to light multiple candles in one go. They are popular in restaurants for lighting those hard to reach grills. You can even take them camping!
How do I light Compressed Restaurant grade charcoal?
How do you use natural wood shaving firelighters?
These are really simple to use. First lay a bed of kindling, place a single natural firelighter on top. Lay 3-4 pieces of kindling over the top in a "tippi" shape and place two small logs over the top of the kindling. Light the natural firelighter and away you go! If you are lighting a stove or fireplace on a cold day, it may help if you use 2 or 3 natural firelighters to help warm the flue quickly, as a warm flue will draw properly once warm. If lighting charcoal or a fire pit when cooking outside, or a wood fired oven using a compressed beech log, then use 3 firelighters, as this will get your fire up to temperature quickly. This is the same for burning smokeless fuel, get the fire as hot as possible at the start so that the flue warms up!
Do you have any tips for using my wood fired pizza oven?
The first thing is to get the fire very hot, as quick as possible. To do this, build the fire up, putting logs onto the kindling fire, rather than making a large pile at the start and stay with the fire. By being with the fire, you can see the flames rise as the logs set on fire and can add more. Remember to wear professional heat proof gloves. Then when you start to get lots of embers, move them towards the back of the Pizza oven, creating a nice hot base clear from ash. Sometimes people like to cook for a longer time over a few hours, if doing this push the embers to the side of the pizza oven, so that you can restock the fire in between cooking to keep the heat up. Closing the door also helps the embers stay and increases the heat inside.

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