Firewood Logs- Ready-To-Burn - Premium Kiln-Dried Logs for Efficient and Clean Burning

Discover the warmth and comfort of a crackling fire with our premium selection of Eco-Friendly Fire Starters. Our range includes meticulously sourced Kindling and Natural Twisted Wood Wool Lighters, designed to ignite your fires quickly, efficiently, and sustainably. Ideal for wood stoves, fireplaces, and outdoor bonfires, our products ensure a clean burn with minimal smoke, making them the perfect companion for cozy evenings and outdoor adventures. Sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly, our kindling and fire lighters are the top choice for eco-conscious consumers. Shop now to experience the unmatched ease of lighting fires, all while contributing to a greener planet.

30L Nets of Premium Kiln-Dried Wood

Alder Nets

Discover the light, yet distinct fragrance of our Alder Kiln-Dried Wood Nets. Ideal for quick, clean burning, Alder wood provides a beautifully subtle warmth with minimal smoke, making it perfect for both indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits. Quick burning and very easy to use.

Silver Birch Nets

Embrace the bright, lively flames of our Silver Birch Kiln-Dried Wood Nets. Known for its high sap content, Silver Birch burns with a crackling sound, creating a welcoming ambiance and producing a good heat output. Its pleasant scent enhances any setting, from romantic evenings.

Ash Nets

Experience the long-lasting burn of Ash Kiln-Dried Nets. Ash is renowned for its superior heat output and minimal ash residue, making it a top choice for wood-burning stoves and open fires. Each net is filled with high-quality, sustainably sourced Ash, providing a clean, consistent burn every time.

Oak Nets

Savor the slow, steady warmth of our Oak Kiln-Dried Wood Nets. Oak's dense hardwood offers a slow-burning fire, ideal for extended periods of warmth and comfort. Perfect for chilly nights, our Oak nets deliver a long-lasting burn, ensuring your space remains warm and inviting.

Loose Filled Bulk / Barrow Bags- Mixed Kiln-Dried Logs 25cm- Length

Logs Package

A choice of Ash or Silver Birch logs (25 nets).

5 packs of kiln dried kindling, 1 box of natural wood wool firelighters, ... plus 1 pack of extra long matches. 

Mixed Logs Barrow

Roughly the same size as an average wheelie bin.
Ready to Burn approved firewood, 25cm length cut mixed logs.

Delivered on a pallet.

Mixed 1.2M Bulk Bag

100% British FSC and Ready to Burn approved. 25cm length Kiln Dried Logs, Silver Birch log and Ash or Beech Firewood log mix.

Equivalent of 28-30 nets.

Fancy something different? Try Seasoned Olive Wood Logs

Olive trees are very hardy and can live to a great age, but continual thinning of olive tree orchards means there s a surplus of wood ready for splitting and natural air drying.

Olive wood has a very dense grain which gives it a much longer burn time than most woods, and the gorgeous fragrance makes Olive wood a favourite for pizza ovens and grilling applications Our Olive logs are split to a length of 25cm making them the perfect size for most log burners.

The wonderful gnarled shape of the logs also adds character to your fireplace when they are burnt. All of our olive wood logs have been very well seasoned so that the moisture content is very low, producing more heat and less steam.

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