The log delivery lowdown: What is smokeless coal?

In the past, smokeless coal was ordinarily a choice for those living in smoke control areas. However, given the shift in environmental awareness and the effects of climate change, these days, smokeless fuel is a fantastic choice for any commercial property or household.

Unfamiliar with this efficient fuel source? Fear not! The Log Delivery team are here to give you the lowdown on smokeless coal, how it works and how it can benefit your home or business.

What is smokeless coal?

Smokeless coals are a fuel source with an anthracite base, a type of coal formation that has aged longer than the majority of coal types.

This ageing results in a high percentage of carbon, usually over 97%, which means there’s an absence of more volatile materials that cause smoke. The proportions in smokeless coal mean that when it burns, there’s no smoke produced.

You’ll also find that smokeless coal has a much higher calorific value (CV) than other fuel types. Anthracite emits an immense amount of heat in kilowatt-hours (kWh), almost three times as much as wood chips.

This burn rate represents a high energy rating of kWh per 1 kilogram of fuel, as shown in the infographic.

Is smokeless coal better for the environment?

In short, yes! Those reduced volatile components we mentioned earlier mean that smokeless coal produces far less toxic smoke than its counterpart, regular house coal.

What’s more, thanks to its higher heat output of 9.2kwh per kilogram and longer burn times, you’ll also use far less fuel and much more efficiency from your stove or fire. So if you’re eco-conscious and looking to reduce your carbon footprint, smokeless coal is the ideal option.

Can I use smokeless coal to fuel a fire?

Much like traditional house coal, smokeless coals are primarily designed for open fires, so it’s okay to use them in this manner.

Of course, when compared to the former, smokeless fuel will offer you vastly improved burn times and much higher heat output, two big boxes to tick when enjoying your fire for longer!

It’s also much better for your home and health too. Even with an open chimney, some smoke will dissipate into the room, leaving a distinct smell and issues for anybody with respiratory problems. With smokeless coal, you’re immediately eliminating this issue.

Can I use smokeless coal in a multi-fuel stove?

The good news is smokeless coals are also ideal for multi-fuel stoves! Thanks again to their higher heat output and extended burn time, they make a superb choice of fuel for heating the home and keeping you toasty for hours on end.

The absence of smoke also means that you won’t receive a face full of fumes blasting into your face as you open the stove door, while it’ll also prolong the life of your wood-burning stove too! Reduced soot residue and tar are much kinder to the walls of your stove, glass, and flue.

Are you ready to change your fuel source and invest in smokeless coals? Then, don’t forget your briquettes and leave before checking out our fantastic range of kindling and accessories!

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