Log Barn Wood Wool Firelighters

Log Barn Wood Wool Firelighters

Our Log Barn Wood Wool Firelighters are expertly crafted from natural, untreated wood shavings and coated in wax to ensure an immediate ignition. Designed for simplicity and effectiveness, they are perfect for stoves, open fireplaces, wood-fired ovens, and charcoal BBQs.

Natural Fire Lighter Box Size
  • 40 Piece Box - X2 - £4.90 each
  • 40 Piece Box - X4 - £4.50 each
  • 200 Piece Box - X1 - £18.99 each
  • 200 Piece Box - X2 - £17.90 each
Vat included


Crafted for ease of use, our Wood Wool Firelighters offer a hassle-free start to your fire. Whether you're igniting a compressed log in your pizza oven without kindling, or aiming for a cosy atmosphere in your open fireplace, using two or three of our firelighters can significantly enhance the ignition process. For heat logs, incorporating a small amount of kindling alongside our firelighters can help warm the flue efficiently, ensuring it draws correctly. Our firelighters are designed to burn for up to 10 minutes, providing a steady and reliable flame to get your fire started. Additionally, these firelighters are odourless, making them an ideal choice for outdoor cooking in pizza ovens and fire pits, promising a clean and pleasant experience without any unpleasant smells.

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