Light fires safely and effectively with Log Barn’s 28cm Extra-long Safety Matches, ideal for wood burners, fire pits, and BBQs. Each box contains 90 strong and easy-to-light matches, ensuring you reach every fire without risk of burns.

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Introducing Log Barn's 28cm Extra-long Safety Matches, tailored for enhanced safety and convenience in any fire-lighting situation. Each box contains 90 sturdy matches, making it easy to light wood burners, chimineas, fire pits, campfires, and even delicate items like Christmas candles with precision and without the risk of burning your fingers.

These matches are designed with safety and utility in mind. At 28cm long, they provide ample reach to safely light even the most challenging and hard-to-reach fireplaces or ovens. Whether you’re igniting a briquette in a charcoal BBQ or starting a flame in a commercial kitchen oven, these matches offer the extra length necessary to keep your hands away from the heat.

The matches are robust, with a 3mm thickness that ensures they won’t snap upon striking. This feature is especially valuable when dealing with tougher ignition tasks or when multiple flames need to be lit quickly and simultaneously. Each match strikes easily, designed to work perfectly with Log Barn's natural firelighters and kindling, offering a seamless fire-starting experience.

Packaged in a compact and low-profile box, these extra-long matches are easy to store and stack. The practical design fits neatly into drawers or on mantels, with a striking surface conveniently located on one side of the box for ease of use.

As part of Log Barn’s commitment to quality and environmental compliance, these matches reflect the same high standards as all our natural fuel products, which are sourced responsibly and certified 'Ready to Burn.' Choose Log Barn’s Extra-long Safety Matches for a reliable, safe, and convenient way to light any fire, enhancing your fire-lighting ritual with unparalleled ease and safety.

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